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Grounds For Divorce in Oregon

When filing for a divorce, it's necessary to point out one of the legally established grounds for divorce. Oregon is a pure no-fault state. The only valid ground for divorce is "irreconcilable differences." Any other causes that may lead to the divorce cannot affect the settlement, so neither spouse needs to disclose those private details of the marriage or prove the misconduct of the other.

In Oregon, the plaintiff's intention to start the divorce case is enough. He/she doesn't have to seek the spouse's consent.

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Everything was so easy. I had a question and got my answer within the hour.

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This process of getting divorced made me nervous but Online divorce made it easy to understand and easy to do.

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I was so nervous to be filing and filing paperwork on my own. Knowing I had support and the ease of filing was a blessing. Thank you

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The idea was daunting, but most the questions made it not that hard. Ran into some info that was not covered in questions but needed to be added. Support stepped in to help with that.

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This service definitely helped alleviate the stress and confusion that has plagued me through the whole process.

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This was a very easy to follow process and application. Questions were straight forward and uncomplicated. We sat down and in 20 minutes we were done. I thought this would take hours, but I was pleasantly surprised that it took lest than 1/2 hour. Great product!!!

Casey M.
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It's easy and fast & customer service support is knowledgeable and professional.

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I was able to get my forms filled out and reviewed in less then 48 hours and the process is easy.

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This program takes an intimidating and scary task and makes it manageable for everyone!

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